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About Us

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This year, Pool Country Design celebrates our 45th year in business. We attribute our staying power to our focus on customer satisfaction through cost-effective and environmentally friendly installation and repair practices. Throughout our history, we’ve never been afraid to abandon materials, parts and methods that have become outmoded and inefficient. Our penchant for innovation allows us to deliver better custom pools to our customers in DFW Metroplex, while lowering costs and environmental impact alike.

Stewards of Water Conservation

Water is a precious resource, but especially in DFW Metroplex. Unfortunately, many people take the summer fun provided by a cool body of pool water for granted. At Pool Country Design, we take these realities into central consideration, and strive to develop custom pools that lend themselves to usage alongside the latest water recycling and collection technology. By meeting creative design with practical application, we are able to deliver responsible solutions to our customers.
Fit woman swimming with swimming hat in swimming pool
Swimming pool and marble floor

Environmentally Responsible Design

Let’s face it: installing a pool is a big job. As such, it may be tempting for some companies to cut corners in order to save on labor and material. At Pool Country Design, we take a different approach. We only associate ourselves with suppliers and manufacturers who believe in a greener future, and employ ecologically responsible methods of production. Furthermore, we constantly strive to refine our installation and repair expertise in order to minimize waste while ensuring delivery of a longer-lasting product. We are going green with soy-based designs, low and no-VOC resin systems, and concrete that is stronger yet lighter weight than traditional mixes.

The water may be blue, but our methods are green. Contact your local eco-conscious custom pool builders today at (214) 356-6591!

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